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11 Very Good Ways To Earn Money, Even While You're Asleep

How to make some extra money for free. 

Welcome to the guide on how to make money for free, or how to make money with very little investment required on your behalf. This is also an introduction to passive income, which means getting paid for work you've one in the past, even when you're not working. It may sound like an alien concept but I assure you, it's very sensible when you think about it.

Now what this means is how to make money on top of any money you may already be making, if you have a job at the moment which is making you money either from a salary or from an hourly rate, then stay in that job until you feel it is the right time to leave and switch to passive income only.

This is only a basic introduction to making money through passive income and much more useful articles on this will be appearing on here soon. (don't forget to bookmark this blog).

 For developing and growing, money is sort of an extra or benefit, you don't need to have lots of money to grow and learn more about personal development, but more often than not, the more you develop and learn, the more you'll start to realize how easy it is to make a lot of extra money when you know how.

It's nice to have extra money, even when sometime you might not need it, as it's good to have a secure saving of money in case things go wrong or you need to pay for something suddenly, such as children going to college or the car breaking down.

With so many demands for money it can be difficult to save up any cash for leisure expenses. it's always going on bills and tax, but it doesn't have to be like that.
Here is a list of some things you can do to Make Money For nothing.
I've even made the important bits stand out slightly. you're welcome ;)

1. Get a job. (see also 'Tips for getting/looking for a job).
Assuming you haven't already got one, it would be a good idea to start looking. when you do get a job however, always be on the look out for ways of increasing your earnings. ask for promotions, rises, tips, anything extra that you may be given.   *** I know this isn't necessarily a way of 'making money for nothing' but it needed to be included at the top of the list because it's the starting point from which to earn more money on the side. what follows are some extra things which can save/make money for minimal-no effort.***

2. Start a website. This is probably the number one easiest way of "Making money online". As long as you have basic web design knowledge or typing skills, you can do this. In fact, you don't even need that, as most platforms help you with everything including the design and template of the site!

You could design your own website and fill it with interesting articles and amusing things for people to watch or read. Doing so will attract lots of opportunities, if you have a passion for making things, you could try and sell them on sites like eBay, or better yet, make your own site and sell them on there.

So this is a very good way of starting to make money online, I would recommend starting this on either this platform; Blogger, or other free site hosting places such as Weebly. (here's my other website created using Weebly - Inducing Lucid Dreams.).

3. Take some photos! Uploading your pictures to an online photo sharing site such as photobucket, or deviant art can give you money every time someone buys a print of your picture.

Follow the instructions on the site for how to set it up. This is a good method for generating passive income. Once you set the income stream up, it just keeps flowing no matter what you do.

4. * related to Number 3.* Enter photography competitions! Photobucket has loads of competitions with cash prizes on all the time, just follow the instructions on the site upload your picture of whatever they tell you (they have different themes for different competitions) and see what happens!

5. Find ways of reducing your spendings. There are probably tonnes of things your paying for you don't need to be. for example, always find ways of making your insurance cheaper, get them to re quote you when it's up for renewal, or shop around again for a cheaper deal instead of just renewing your old one.

You could review your direct debit and change or remove the things you don't really need! Just an idea..

6. Sell your songs. If your a musical person, and can play an instrument, or sing, consider recording an original song editing it a bit and making it available to buy from iTunes. if you promote it well enough and get people liking your music then you have a free source of income for that one day or two you spent perfecting a song.

Just for that couple of days, from that point on people can buy your song again and again and you'll get money without doing anything for as long as you keep your song on itunes. Well worth doing.               Also this way if you're a musician you get people listening to your music as well as buying it.

7. Write an eBook or digital product and sell it on your website or blog.

This is a quick way to earn money, although you do need lots of traffic coming to your blog.

Basically what this means is if you have a blog with a lot of people coming onto it every day, then a certain percentage of those people might be interested in buying a product related to what your blog is about.

8. Buy and sell Web domain names. This is also known as web domain name flipping, or Domain flipping.

 Lots of money can be made from doing this. This is sometimes called Domain name flipping. Simply purchase a domain name you think will become popular or needed in the near future, for example, if you see something very big on the news, the same day, purchase a domain name strongly related to that event and in a few days/weeks you could sell it to bigger companies/more famous people for a lot of money.

Because domain names are so cheap to buy at first, if you buy one before a company needs it, the company can then offer you a lot of money if they want that domain name.

 For example, say if you saw on the news a new company have started up claiming to be able to provide free energy, or claiming to be able to use water instead of petrol, and you happen to have purchased a domain name like or something related to it, the chances are high that the company will want to purchase it from you, usually for large amounts of money.

9. Affiliate marketing. This is a nice way of earning some extra money, basically, affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else's product or service and they pay you a chunk of the money if you make them a sale.

So say if you promote someone's product, a customer buys it from your link, the affiliate salesperson will then pay you a percentage of that sale.

This can take a while to build up, but in the end it's worth it.

 Like anything, it requires a bit of work but once you have the ball rolling it's a very lucrative money making idea.

10. Trade Forex.  Forex stocks are a very good way of making money. as long as you watch a few basic videos on the idea so you know the terms, what they mean, and what trades you want to be placing, it can be a very interesting way of making money for free. There are some great guides on here.. MoneySpyke

Forex is basically trading currencies and making money from the fluctuations and differences in the currency.

Every day you'll hear on the news, about the Pound being up against the Dollar or something like that, this is Forex. This is currencies changing their value against each other and with a broker or forex platform you are able to 'Buy' or 'Sell' a currency based on whether you think it's going to become more valuable or fall in value.

It is a lot easier than it sounds, and once mastered and understood, provides an easy way to make money if you're careful.

Forex trading and penny stocks or spread betting are all variations of stock and share trading.

They involve either buying or selling and then closing the trade at a profit as the price changes. This has the potential for making people loads of money, provided they know what they're doing.

Even if you don't want to commit to start with, you can open a demo account and not spend any real money, so you can use virtual money and see if your ideas will work or not. You have nothing to lose.

The best place to get started with Spread betting, Forex trading and Binary options is BetonMarkets. They offer the demo account I mentioned previously, meaning you don't have to risk a penny. Below is the link to the site! Click it now to get started!

 11. Have a look at local business's. If you have a skill such as you are good with photography or you like marketing things, approach a local business and ask them if you can do them a service. Offer to promote their business for a small fee. This is a good one because it puts your name out there and gives you experience in using your skills.

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